The cross and the Rose


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From the most remote antiquity, the cross has been a sacred symbol since it is found in all the monuments of the world—both in Egypt, Assyria, and India, and Persia and Mexico. The peculiar meaning of this symbol is precisely that given by ancient Egypt of Toth or Phtha, who is represented in the oldest monuments carrying the Ansata or tau cross in his hand, with a ring on top, representing the hieroglyph of life. that preceded by a triangle means “life-giving.”
The Rose was formerly consecrated at dawn and the sun. And it is a symbol of dawn and resurrection, of light and renewal of life. The cross and the rose together hieroglyphically mean—the dawn of eternal life and the advent of a savior awaited by all nations.
The letters I.N.R.I.
The initials of the inscription that was placed on the cross of Christ: “Iesue Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum.” The…

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